Reclaiming wealth started out as a conversation. A simple hour of diving deep into the current state of commerce, earning, and wealth.

Where is it all headed? What’s the great opportunity amidst these drastic changes? How is it easier than ever to create wealth on every level of existence?

As a result of that conversation, eyes were opened to the desperate need for public candid talk about the scariest and most personal aspects of money, wealth, earning, and where it’s all going. So, that’s what you’re seeing here – open relatable topics that stem from personal experience and honesty.

The goal of Reclaiming Wealth is to co-create with you, a new kind of financial freedom.

Who Are We

Tara Gentile is a thought leader & creative business coach redefining commerce as the creation & distribution of meaning, connection, and experience.

She writes frequently for the Daily Worth, Design*Sponge, and Etsy. Bestselling author, Jonathan Fields, named her blog a Top 22 Single-Voice Business Blog 2012.

She’s the author of several popular digital guides including her latest on the relationship between personal art and money, The Art of Earning.

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Adam King has been inventing, designing, and developing ideas into reality since childhood. He’s fascinated with self- expression, entertainment, and inspiration in the digital space.

From hosting a successful morning radio show to running a traditional handmade furniture shop, he’s always had those three elements as the core of all he pursues.

He was most recently featured in the bestselling book, Uncertainty, by Jonathan Fields. He’s the author/publisher of The Humanity Blueprint.

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