My Reclaiming Wealth Story: Adam King

Growing up, money was a game. Simple as that.

It was fun to find ways to earn and save money. I remember perusing the back of comic books and making a list of all the cool gimmicks and tricks I was going to save up for.

And that’s how it went for years.

Finding reasons to have money, discovering simple ways of obtaining it, and always making sure that the essentials were covered with plenty left over for creative pursuits.

I remember the day that my simple and easy relationship with money changed.

It was about a month after the big dot com bust at the turn of the century. I had acquired a nice cushion in investments and was looking forward to turning that into a freedom fund for traveling.

But, turns out, I had lost almost everything. Thousands and thousands wiped out by uneducated investing.

That day, everything changed. I no longer trusted money and the systems it existed in. I no longer found it easy to plan, earn, and save. Suddenly everything around money was a struggle. The game had ended.

The following years saw struggle financially, emotionally, and mentally. Severe depression, homelessness, and extreme poverty became my normal routine.

At it’s worst, I was living in a house with no utilities, no money, massive debt, and a shotgun in my lap. It seemed to be the best way out of everything.

I had spent almost an entire decade drowning in the hopelessness of my toxic view of money and wealth. I was resentful of anyone who had any, and yet I was desperately longing to be that person too.

But on that day, surrounded by constant reminders of my failure, I was faced with a choice: either die and leave my family with the burdens of fixing it, or live and get myself a new relationship with wealth and money.

Thankfully, on that day, I woke up. Now, I’m on a mission to not only redefine what wealth means to me, but to empower others to do the same.

My Reclaiming Wealth Story is about a returning to the simpler times of an open and honest relationship with money and living a life that creates wealth in multiple forms for as many people as possible.

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