Make Your Mark: Your message is wealthy & worthy

You’re following the conversations at Reclaiming Wealth because you’re ready for a different conversation. One that addresses the fact that business isn’t just about a single bottom line but many bottom lines.

You’re interested in exploring & rising above the challenges of being paid for work you love, creating opportunities for commerce around your strengths & passions, and answering attitudes around sales & marketing.

Well, that tells me a lot about you. It tells me that you take your business seriously. That you’re excited about the possibilities for growth in front of you. It means that you recognize there are still some things you need clarity around.

And it means you’re a leader.

How do I know? How do I know that you were the first to speak up in group work in elementary school? That you help some sort of leadership position in high school or college? That you dreamed of being President, or CEO, or Dean?

Because leaders think beyond the “facts” in front of them. Leaders approach problems by searching out all the information below the surface.

You may or may not think of yourself as a leader in the traditional sense.

But when you speak, when you use your true voice & speak your truth, people listen.

People follow.

But is your leadership exactly what’s missing from your business? You’re too caught up in getting things right, in pleasing those who will never be your customers, in following the path to success.

This is one of the most common things partner on with my clients to face. So the number one thing I do is to enable my clients to saturate every aspect of their business with their own personal brand of leadership.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my elevator pitch or value statement ooze leadership?
  • Do my product descriptions describe how my products stand out from the crowd?
  • Is my visual branding saturated with confidence and clarity around my purpose?
  • When I speak, create, or connect do people listen? Do they take action?

Every pixel on your website, every customer interaction, every product description, every minute in the studio, every advertisement is ripe with opportunity to demonstrate your leadership. To beg people to follow your lead.

Until you make that potentiality a reality, you’re missing big opportunities for sales & growth.

And most importantly, you are missing opportunities to spread your message.

See, that’s the other thing I know about you. You’re not just called to leadership; you have a message that deserves to be spread far & wide.

Commerce is the channel you’ve chosen to make your voice heard. And heard it shall be!

Your leadership is grounded in this message. Your business is nourished by it. Your customers are enchanted & engaged by it.

Your message demands that you create the most vibrant business you can.

Your message is full of wealth.

Your message is full of wealth because it tickles the deep desires of those you serve. It deposits into their emotional bank accounts. It puts their well-being balance sheets securely in the black. Their wealth of resources, information, and relationship surges.

You realizing your own leadership makes your customers & clients wealthier. And that in turn is a great opportunity to realize financial wealth for yourself.

Adam and I want to invite you to both claim your position as a leader & message bearer and to claim your ability to create something truly worthy of that message.

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