My Reclaiming Wealth Story: Tara Gentile

I sat in the living room of my professor’s house. He sat across from me just to the right. His wife sat across from me just to the left.

What sat between us was the bombshell I had dropped by email just a few days before:

I didn’t want to go through with starting graduate school.

I had a full scholarship to my first choice program, where both my professor & his wife had earned their PhDs.

But something was nagging at me.

I had an opportunity to take a full time position at my summer job. It was an environment I loved – a coffee shop in a bookstore! – that I loved. It was room for growth. It was a steady paycheck.

Oh, that steady paycheck.

The promise of plenty. The call of stability. The allure of more.

They begged me to reconsider. I had so much promise. So much to offer. I didn’t have to worry about a job yet, just do my best and the work would follow. I’d find a way.

I wept. I told them my fears — that a professorship was a long shot. That the loans for living expenses would be enormous. That I just wasn’t sure it was where I wanted to be (I was lying through my teeth on that one…).

And then…

I shelved my dream for an $8 per hour job.

Sure, I liked it well enough at first. Actually, I loved it on & off for 4 years. I got the chance to use my brain and budding business skills. I met interesting people. I got a lot of free coffee.

But there was a gaping hole in my life.

I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. I didn’t have much money but, heck, I never had and I never expected to. I didn’t have many friends but the people at work were nice enough most of the time. I didn’t have many options but that just made day-to-day life easier.

I spiraled into the worst depression of my life.

Day after day, I looked for a way “out.” Not out of my job, but out of my life.

Everything had always come so easily. I had always gotten what I wanted when I wanted it. Again, not with money but with skills, talent, and vigor.

Was this really all that was left? Were my best days behind me?

I tried to remind myself that I was only in my mid-twenties. There was plenty of time to turn it around. Yet, at the same time, I was in my mid-twenties, the best opportunities had already come & gone!

Life went on.

Just about 4 years after forsaking graduate school, I gave birth to my daughter. I came alive again. I discovered again that I had choices.

I had choices not because I had more money – I didn’t – but because I had a wealth of purpose, love, and passion.

I quit my job while on maternity leave and launched my business within 6 months. While I didn’t earn much money at first, every day I accomplished something new I grew wealthier in purpose, love, and passion.

I discovered an abundance of power through ambition.

As I educated & challenged myself on my money beliefs, I found the money quickly began to flow. Within 28 months of starting my business, I earned my first 6-figure year.

My wealth of purpose, love, and passion had birthed financial wealth.

That, in short, is my dream for you. I want you to experience the fulfillment of a life rich in purpose, love, and passion. I want you to have an abundance of personal connection & self-expression.

And I want you to discover the financial wealth that is available to you through all those things.

I believe that the best way to tie financial wealth to its more transcendental cousins is to be in open, honest conversation about money & how we experience it. That is what I bring to Reclaiming Wealth and why it’s a key part of my personal ambition.

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